Manufacturing Performance Center(MPC)

Manufacturing Performance Center(MPC) mission is to identify/produce top quality talent, measured by performance, through a blending of innovative approaches to hands-on education and workforce development to eliminate the gap between demand and supply.

The MPC is housed inside a 79-year- old manufacturing machine shop. That allows our operation to provide a true sense of the daily work and responsibilities of advanced manufacturing. We deliver hands-on training courses, operates a performance testing combines and acts as a employee solution source by offering employers both direct and temporary to permanent products.

Our goal is to serve as a workforce intermediary bridging the connection of local employers that have a workforce need, and the workforce system of providers that have the interest of individuals to become gainfully employed. Our ability to act as the “front door” for employers, to access a variety of services through our partnerships with industry experts, trade associations, workforce boards and educational institutions.

The MPC is an extension of XD Technology. XD Technology(XD Tech) is a firm striving to serve the business needs of regional employers by consulting on highly-innovative products customized for their immediate and future workforce needs. Our ever growing need of employer partners seeking individuals with basic industry competencies sparked the motivation to create MPC. Growing our own, producing our own source of talent is extremely appealing to regional industrial stakeholders. We have already begun to develop relationships with local workforce groups, CBO, industry associations, government entities, etc. in an effort to become the preferred provided of industrial workforce data driven strategies and solutions.

Through our unique hands-on platform, our goal is to set our operation apart from all others in the same workforce development space. MPC staff posses an expert level of knowledge of both for profit and nonprofit intricacies of business. This experience positions in the forefront, as the best option for small-large scale short-term assessment/training/hiring needs. MPC does not look to replace the work of organizations currently in the non-profit, staffing or education arena, but seeks to enhance their product offerings and fill the gaps in their service delivery. Empowering these groups with data directly from our employer partners increases their efficiency to accurately understand the requirements, and the fine details of current position openings.

The model also can be applied to current underemployed individuals and workers within the industry to gain in demand skills to propel them up into positions of more responsibility and wage compensation.