MPC Training


All individuals interested  in further information on training, Please call (773)309-8133 to  schedule an orientation.


MPC 101

This is a short term introductory course (32 hours). The target student is someone that has very little work history and thinking manufacturing could be a career. It teaches the fundamentals but also exposes them to hands on machine introduction. The anticipated salary range of a graduate is $11/hr – $12.50/hr.

Requirements for enrollment are listed below;

  • Must be 17 years of age
  • Must have a minimal reading grade point equivalent of 6th grade
  • Must have a minimal math grade point equivalent of 8th grade
  • Must have obtained  (or in the process of obtaining) a High School diploma/GED certificate
  • Must have interest in manufacturing (or similar industry) career interest
  • Must have proper US documentation and have the right to work in US (or participant in Dream Act)


MPC 102

This course is longer (52 hours) that can be taken right after a student finishes MPC 101. If not, MPC 101 is a prerequisite (a student can test out). This course focuses on quality control (CMM operation intro) and CNC lathe/mill with press and grinding applications. This course includes nationally recognized skills credentials (National Institute of Metalworking Skills). The anticipated salary range of a graduate is $12/hr +.


MPC Training difference:

  • The most experienced & qualified instructors in the region.
  • Training takes place on the shop floor of a 70-year old operational machine shop
  • Interactive curriculum blending hands-on with team projects and individual presentations.
  • Built-in internship assignment
  • Work based learning projects
  • Short term training geared for immediate employment