MPC Performance Testing

Performance Testing Concept:

The resume is outdated as a performance measuring instrument. It is still useful to relate industry knowledge and understanding, but it still does not identify an individual’s specific skill that correspond to job tasks. MPC answer is to provide a much more relevant platform for an individual to showcase their skill and aptitude regardless of past experience. The old cliché is, “CarMax provides a carfax report that just lists the diagnostics of your car. From that report a decision can properly be made as to the value of the car versus the cost. Simply meaning; now that you know exactly what the car can do, you can decide how much you are willing to pay for it.”

We all realize that the majority of employers just want their candidate without all these bells and whistles attached, but there is a market made up of progressively thinking employers that understand the value of looking deeper into one’s skills set than a resume or pre-employment test can identify.


Testing available:

  • Live Testing – hands-on onsite live machine shop; Inventory control, Tooling identification & usage, Assembly Instructions, Measurements, Forklift
  • Written/Online Testing – math, reading, critical thinking, safety, National Career, Readiness Certification, Workkeys, TABE, National Institute of Metalworking Skills Certification
  • Customized Employer – MPC will design a test specific to the general entry level (or advanced skill) requirements for knowledge to hire
  • Customized Position – MPC will design a test specific to the requirements of an employer specific position
  •  Soft Skill – Evidence based assessment, Profile