Our Unique Delivery

MPC is housed on the production floor of Frey Tool & Engineering Corporation. Frey Tool is a family
owned machine shop company. Since 1947 Frey Tool has established a machine shop division. Offering
Precision Machining, CNC Machining, Tooling, Machining Fabrication, Lathing Service, Milling Service,
Line Boring, Welding Service and Metal Grinding. Frey currently has customers throughout Illinois as
well as in Iowa and New York.

MPC strives to integrate hands-on training with practical shop experience. Students will have an
opportunity to produce customer orders under the requirements and stringent quality control practices
required from the industry. This unique scenario allows MPC to blend an internship experience as an
natural component of our curriculum. Upon completion students can include on their resumes a vast
array of significant on the job skills and abilities, which can set them apart from other candidates when
interviewing for position openings.

MPC also has instructors and curriculum for the application of student “wrap-around services” such as
financial literacy, case management and mentorships that can be added into the course. Helping to
provide extremely pertinent information to guide them through their career pathway and professional
growth. Such curriculum would extend the class contact hours within each track respectively, as
indicated below.