MPC seeks to operate as a fully transparent entity to all of its stakeholders, partners and customers. To that end, we are providing the following self derived goals per our strategic business plan.

  • Direct on-going communication between MPC staff and manufacturing employers to accurately
    understand the current/future workforce needs of the region, as well as the level of detail
    required per their in-house positions and innovations throughout the industry
  • Enter in memorandums of agreements with employers to serve as members of the MPC
    Advisory Council. As they will commit to tours, internships, mentorships, onsite/offsite
    instruction, work based learning projects and potential temp/perm/direct employment
  • Secure commitments of partnership between MPC and industry associations, local government
    offices (unemployment offices) CBO’s, community colleges, colleges, universities, high school
    and all other stakeholders specific to training, education and employment
  • 360 degree feedback loop of constant real-time data to all student’s referral source contacts
  • Continuously engage with accreditation bodies such as the national Institute of metalworking
    Skills(NIMS), OSHA, Manufacturing Skill Standard Council(MSSC), National Association of
    manufacturing(NAM), and others to align curriculum and have students achieve industry
    recognized credentials
  • Engage with government offices to collaborate on available workforce grants to deploy training
    for targeted areas and individuals seeking skills upgrade and employment
  • MPC staff become members of various industry and education related groups/committees
    generally support various initiatives of local, regional and national manufacturing practices and
  • Create scholarship foundation for individuals to participate in training at no cost
  • Create articulation agreement with local community colleges to earn/transfer credit for specific
    courses aligned with associate degrees