MPC Course Tracks

                                                    MPC 101                                                                          MPC 102

Time length32 contact hours52 contact hours
CertificationsCertificate of
NIMS – Drill Press Op &
NIMS CNC Operator
Target StudentEntry level individuals seeking their
first professional job within
Currently working(underemployed)
Low skilled positions;
Holds limited experience;
Seeking credential
attainment; Updating
older CNC or manual
machining skills
Target Salary$11.00 – $12.00/hr$12.00 – $14.00/hr

* All curriculum was derived from the NIMS educational platform. All courses are listed and referenced with curriculum are contained in the NIMS’s book entitled, “Precision Machining Technologies” authors Hoffman, E. Hopewell, B. Jones and K. Sharp Jr by Delmar Cengage Learning


* Purpose – To provide in-demand skills for individuals looking for employment opportunities that require baseline competencies.

  Goals – successful graduation of individuals that have attainment a complete mastery of the curriculum validated through certification.

  Outcomes – gainful life sustaining career oriented employment. *