The MPC is housed inside a 70-year-old manufacturing machine shop. That allows our operation to provide a true sense of the daily work and responsibilities of advanced manufacturing.

MPC delivers hands-on training courses, operates a performance testing combines and acts as an employee solution source by offering employers both direct and temporary to permanent products.

The MPC is an extension of XD Technology. XD Technology(XD Tech) is a firm striving to serve the business needs of regional employers by consulting on highly-innovative products customized for their immediate and future workforce needs. Our ever growing need of employer partners seeking individuals with basic industry competencies sparked the motivation to create MPC. Growing our own, producing our own source of talent is extremely appealing to regional industrial stakeholders. MPC has already begun to develop relationships with local workforce groups, CBO, industry associations, government entities, etc. in an effort to become the preferred provided of industrial workforce data driven strategies and solutions.