What is MPC?

Manufacturing Performance Center (MPC) mission is to identify and produce top quality talent.

How do we do it?

Measured by performance, through a blending of innovative approaches to hands-on education and workforce development to eliminate the gap between demand and supply.

Why we do it?

MPC’s goal is to serve as a workforce intermediary bridging the connection of local employers that have a workforce need

MPC History

The MPC is housed inside a 70-year-old manufacturing machine shop. That allows our operation to provide a true sense of the daily work and responsibilities of advanced manufacturing.

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Our Unique Delivery

January 12, 2017

MPC is housed on the production floor of Frey Tool & Engineering Corporation. Frey Tool is a family owned machine shop company. Since 1947 Frey Tool has established a machine…

Value Proposition

January 10, 2017

MPC seeks to be the vortex of real time work skills assessment data that will provide accurate candidate statistics in commonly sought after knowledge and abilities competencies. By becoming virtually…

Statement Of Purpose

January 8, 2017

MPC will identify the correct balance of baseline skill required in current industry operating protocols delivered by the most dynamic instructors within the region. Our objective is to present potential…

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